In 2005 brothers Alejandro and Aurélien form the group Les Noces Gitanes in their univer- sity town of Angers, France. Their repertory, that they immediately ingrain upon the local
stages, is inspired by Tzigane culture. They are soon surrounded by musicians of different backgrounds and artistic influences, their com- positions enriching and stretching the boun- daries of the group’s musical universe. Their debut album “Des Balkans à l’Andalousie” sells over 4000 copies.
Searching for the music and culture that is the identity of this group, the brothers travel throughout Europe. Inspiration is especially found in tzigane villages of Romania with the groups Ciocarlia and Taraf de Haidouk and in Jerez de la Frontera, the mecca of flamen- co. Gipsy Taxi, the group’s second album re- leased in 2009, is the fruit of a fusion between flamenco, gypsy jazz, afro-cuban rhythms and the energy of the Balkans. Accompanied by a flamenco guitarist and a hypnotic dancer, the group performs their new show throughout France and internationally for over four years.
Today Les Noces Gitanes is made up of 6 diverse musicians and a flamenco/tzigane gypsy dancer. Their last EP was released in March 2014. Flamenco and arab chants fu- sion with energetic balkan fanfare, it is a mu- sical hybrid come together in a joyful, “un- gipsy-plined” combo. When the group isn’t crossing musical borders they are crossing international ones, touring in Moscow in 2009, Canada in 2012 and 2014 (PNE, Diner en Blanc and Vancouver Fashion Week), and Ecuador in 2013 for the Pacha Uchuk festival and socio-cultural program between France and Ecuador.

They are Les Noces Gitanes : Alejandro Mendia, cante ; Aurelien Mourocq, clarinet, sax ; Bachir Rouimi, Percussions and voice ; Deborah Dawson, dansing, tacones ; Alexis Denis-Callier, Electric Bass, upright bass ; Samuel Delafuys, drums and Gabriel Bonnin, Elécric guitar, violin.


THE BAND For almost 10 years "Les Noces Gitanes" have embarked their audiences on a colourful, musical voyage. From the Balkans to Andalucia on through the Maghreb, the group offers a richly unique show, merging the styles of the Mediterranean peoples in a joyful « un-gipsy-plined » combo. With the group's latest EP in March 2014, Les Noces Gitanes has created a personal musical style. It is the result of the wealth and knowledge of widely ranging cultural influences.

Les Noces Gitanes is in residency over the fall to bring to their audiences a new, explosive adventure through the gypsy lands. A new album will be released in Fall 2015 to continue the journey.

Le Gipsy Jukebox
Le Gipsy Jukebox
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Martine On The Beach
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